Modus Operandi

Modus operandi of the ECREA Communication and Democracy Section:
1.    The ECREA Communication and Democracy section is constituted by all ECREA-members who express their interest in joining the section.
1.1    ECREA members can join the section by indicating their membership at the ECREA website.
1.2    All interested ECREA members can attend the Business meetings of the section.
2.    The day-to-day running of the section is the responsibility of the Section Management Team (the chair and the two deputy chairs).

2.1    They are chosen every two years at an ECREA-event or another event where the section convenes. The election will take place by email, as well as through a voting procedure at the event where the yearly section business meeting will be held. A simple majority of votes is required.
2.2    Members of the section management team can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms (i.e. 6 years in total)
2.3 Six months before the end of the mandate of the outgoing team, members of the section can put themselves forward for election, as a team, by sending an email to the chair of the section.
2.4    The results will be communicated at the section business meeting.
2.5    If no section business-meeting is held, the election will never-the-less take place, but only email will be used.

3. The section business meeting is the primary decision making body regarding the general direction of the section, determining current issues to be addressed by the section and changing the statutes or mission statement.
3.1 Only members of the section have the right to vote.

3.2 Votes are decided by simple majority.

3.3 The section business meeting cannot take decisions that go against the
spirit or the general statutes of ECREA and the ECREA Executive Board maintains the ultimate decision powers.

4. The Section Management Team is accountable for its decisions to the ECREA-board and the section business meeting. Decisions being made by the Section Management Team are always provisional, until the section business meeting formally approves them.


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