YECREA workshop on Digital methods for studying algorithms: complicating the socio-technical relation

Södertörn University, Stockholm
organised by ECREA’s Communication and Democracy, and Media Industries and Cultural Production Sections
We would like to invite all young scholars – doctoral students, post-docs and junior scholars – to the YECREA workshop organised as part of the upcoming conference on Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data on 10-11 November 2017 in Stockholm at Södertörn University.

The workshop will take the form of a half-day pre-conference session on the afternoon of 9 November, and will be facilitated by Annette Markham, Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a platform for young scholars to raise and discuss questions and projects concerning methods for studying algorithms and algorithmic cultures. The workshop aims to gather a multiplicity of perspectives, frames, and questions that can extend our understanding of how to deal with algorithms in research.

If you are interested in participating, please submit a brief expression of interest (ca 300 words) in which you provide a short description of your project. Additionally, please provide a bionote stating your name, affiliation and position, as well as the stage of your project.

Please submit your expressions of interest to by 1 June 2017.

The workshop is free of charge.

We encourage workshop participants to also submit a proposal for the main conference. Please submit your abstract also by 1 June 2017 (300-word abstract for individual proposals; or 300-word panel rationale plus individual 200 word abstracts from a minimum of four speakers for panel proposals).  All abstracts for individual and panel proposals for the main conference should be submitted through:
For more information, please consult the conference website:

Workshop organizers:

  • Julia Velkova (YECREA representative Media Industries and Cultural Production Sections)
  • Jenny Sundén (Professor in Gender Studies, Södertörn University)
  • Anne Kaun (Vice-chair Communication and Democracy Section)

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Call for Papers ECREA Symposium Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data

10-11 November 2017, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

Joint Conference of two ECREA Sections: Communication and Democracy; and Media Industries and Cultural Production

Abstract Deadline 1 June 2017

Keynote speakers

  • Helen Kennedy (University of Sheffield)
  • Joseph Turow (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Mikkel Flyverbom (Copenhagen Business School)

The coordinates of democracy, civic engagement and political participation are being fundamentally reconfigured in the context of digital media, Big Data and algorithmic culture, and so too are the media industries. This joint conference of the ECREA Communication and Democracy and Media Industries and Cultural Production Sections provides the opportunity to analyse and assess these changes.

The constant need to measure and capture our behavior and attitudes has consequences for our political agency and subjectivities. What do big data and algorithmic culture mean in the context of democratic participation and engagement? What are the consequences of ubiquitous surveillance, preemptive policing and social bots for our understanding of democracy and exercise of civic rights? How do current discussions of political agency in the digital age compare to previous moments of disruption in terms of the introduction of media technologies?

Big data and issues related to algorithmic governance have become a major topic of enquiry in the context of media industries as well. ‘Legacy media’ are trying to respond by integrating new digital services with their existing ones and new data-driven journalistic and media production practices emerge. This presents policy challenges, as, for example, public service media need to adapt to a situation in which data is increasingly commercialized. There are implications too for media workers in this new moment. In this context, we wish to explore issues related to the integration of Big Data and the media industries as well as online production, creativity and digital labour.

During this section conference, we aim to engage with questions concerning datafication, media industries and (digital) democracy through addressing topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Political subjectivities and political agency in the age of Big Data
  • Political consequences of storing, processing and organizing of data
  • Civic engagement and political participation in times of Big Data
  • Surveillance and preemptive policing
  • Materiality and environmental issues of Big Data and algorithmic culture
  • New actors and discourses in the context of datafication
  • Democratic potential of Big Data and algorithmic culture
  • Algorithmic taste management in the media industries
  • Archives and archiving of cultural production and civic engagement
  • Media work and labour in datafied media industries
  • Data Journalism

A YECREA workshop for PhD candidates and junior researchers will be organised. Details are going to be announced in early spring 2017.

Submission details

Please submit a 300-word abstract for individual proposals

Panel proposals should include a 300-word panel rationale plus individual 200 word abstracts from a minimum of four speakers.

All abstracts for individual as well as panel proposals should be submitted through:

Deadline for submission is 1 June 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be issued by 15 August 2017.

Registration and Fees

Early bird registration €50 (until 1 September 2017)

Early bird reduced student fee €30 (until 1 September)

Full fees €75

Reduced student fee €40

Organising Committee:

Göran Bolin, Hanne Bruun, David Hesmondhalgh, Anne Kaun, Maria Michalis, Maria Kyriakidou, Fredrik Stiernstedt, Julie Uldam, Julia Velkova


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CfP Special Issue of Media and Communication (Guest Editors: Anne Kaun, Julie Uldam, Maria Kyriakidou)


Political Agency in the Digital Age: Media, Participation and Democracy)

Based on the successful conference Political Agency in the Digital Age (9-10 October 2015), we are pleased to invite submissions from the conference participants for a special issue publication in the open-access journal Media and Communication.


Research on media and politics has traditionally tended towards separating the sphere of politics from political processes in other societal spheres, focusing on parliamentarian politics and formal, institutionalised interest group politics (e.g. unions). At the same time, there has been a tendency to focus on elites, whether political, corporate, media or cultural. With the emergence of digital media, the research agenda within the field of media and politics research is shifting towards exploring interrelations between institutionalised politics and political processes in other societal spheres, and moving beyond elites to also include “ordinary” people. The personalization of digital media and the rise of user-generated content have led to an increased interest in personal self-expression of citizens at an individual level as a political act. While this represents an important development, it also warrants fundamental questions about what counts as politics and who count as political actors. At the same time euphoric accounts of the potential of digital media for political agency are questioned critically both in terms of actual potential and the wider structures in which they are embedded. The conference aims to gather papers that provide a differentiated analysis of political agency in the digital age.

The special issue gathers contributions that address questions of shifting agency in connection with changing media technologies, while considering a dialectical relationship between social and media-related change.

We invite contributions from the Political Agency in the Digital Age conference that address the  following topics:

  • Social movement/radical/alternative media
  • Activism and digital media
  • Materiality of media participation
  • Civic resilience in times of crisis
  • Everyday life and civic culture
  • Media and struggles over independence and recognition
  • Organising (for) political agency
  • The political economy of participatory digital media
  • Social movements and political subjectivities
  • Political agency and civic cultures

Please submit full papers containing original research results that have not been published in English elsewhere. Articles shall have a maximum length of 8,000 words (the word count limit includes title, abstract, and references list. The anonymized manuscript should be submitted to Please submit an accompanying letter of submission stating your affiliation and the suggestions of three reviewers (including their emails) who:

– are recognized experts in the field
– hold a PhD degree
– not have worked with the author(s) for the last 5 years
– not be affiliated with the same institution as the author(s).

Please follow the author guidelines closely:

Submission deadline (full papers): 15 January 2016.

The publication of the special issue is planned for August 2016.

Journal: Media and Communication

Media and Communication (ISSN: 2183-2439) is an international open access journal dedicated to a wide variety of basic and applied research in communication and its related fields. It aims at providing a research forum on the social and cultural relevance of media and communication processes.

Editor: Bradley Greenberg, Michigan State University, USA

The guest editors have raised funding to cover the processing fee for all articles that go to publication.

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Communication & Democracy business meeting

The section business meeting will be held Friday 9th at 12.30pm in room 114.

We hope to see many of you there – please feel free to bring your lunch from the buffet:)

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Political Agency in the Digital Age – keynote room updates

Anastasia Kavada’s keynote speech Friday at 5pm has been moved to room S16.

Goubin Yang’s keynote speech Saturday at 9:15 has been moved to room s10.

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Political Agency in the Digital Age conference programme

The final programme for the Communication and Democracy section’s 2015 conference is ready. It promises to be an interesting and timely event, and we look forward to stimulating discussion and new insights.

The final programme is available here: Political Agency in the Digital Age programme

The full programme is available here: Political Agency in the Digital Age full programme incl abstracts

Information on the venue and the rooms

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Political Agency in the Digital Age Conference

ECREA 2015_plain

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September 6, 2015 · 2:50 pm